Backyard Hotel Nepal

Backyard Hotel

Backyard Hotel, run by a group of tourism professionals, Backyard Hotel is ideally located in the tourist hub of Thamel, and is only 20 minutes drive from the Kathmandu International Airport.

This 15 room small hotel offers clean, comfortable rooms in an unbelievable price and is within the walking distance of Kathmandu Durbar Square, the tourist bus stop to Chitwan, Pokhara and Nagarkot, Immigration office and the Royal Palace now the Museum. Inside Backyard Hotel, you’ll find the warm and friendly Nepalese hospitality in traditional surroundings.


Guestrooms: 15 (Standard room 4, Superior with AC: 5, super deluxe with AC Balcony view:6 )
Restaurant: 1 (Available to Nepali, American, Italy, Asian Food Etc.)

Modern Facilities
- Television Facilities on every room
- Nepali Lobby
- Nepali Garden

- Business Center
- Wi-Fi Free
- Complimentary Morning Newspaper
- Travel Information

Other Services
- Complimentary Seasonal Fruit & Morning Tea/Coffee
- Laundry Service
- Doctor on Call

Backyard Hotel, run by a group of tourism professionals, Backyard Hotel is ideally located in the tourist hub of Thamel, and is only 20 minutes drive from the Kathmandu International Airport.
Chibihal Street
Thamel, Kathmandu
Phone: 4441620



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Hotel Florid Nepal

The Hotel Florid Nepal, situated in the heart of Thamel, is an ideal choice for comfortable accommodation at a reasonable cost. Bargain shopping and a plethora of dining experience all are within a movement’s walk.

Hotel Florid Nepal’s attractive and hospitable staff is here to serve you and to attend to all your needs. Their guests’ disposal-at the Hotel Florid Nepal, serving each guest is a privilege and a pleasure! The Kathmandu valley’s many delights and the Himalayan Mountains awaits you!




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Aanand Hotel

Aanand Hotel Janakpur

Our Aanand Hotel is a very pleasant, clean and comfortable place to stay in Janakpur, Nepal the birth place of Sita with following facilities:

1. Rooms with Attached Bath, T.V and A.C.
2. Clean, Comfortable and Economic  Accommodation
3. Hot & Cold Water
4. Car Parking and Open-Garden Space
5. Well equipped Training  & Meeting Hall
6. S.T.D, I.S.D.  & FAX
7. Laundry, Car Rental & Sight Seeing arrangement
8. Doctor on Call
9. Our Room Charges ranges from NRs 600/- to NRs 3000/-
We also provide special Discount for long staying group & agent.
10. For Permanent contact address  and for Registration any one can contact us at-

Aanand Hotel,
Station road (near railway station)
Janakpurdham, Nepal





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Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge

Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge

Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge, situated 75 miles south west of Kathmandu, at an elevation of 450 feet above sea level, is in the heart of Royal Chitwan National Park, a 500 square miles area of tall grassland and magnificent forests and wetlands. All the double rooms, many in tree-houses or private bungalows, are attractively furnished with solar shower, fan and lighting. The Gol Ghar (Round House) forms the centre of the lodge and contains the dining hall and lounge area. With its huge domed roof and central open hearth it will be your special place for relaxation. Nepalese and Western cuisines served and a fully stocked bar is open till the last guest retires to bed.

Activities at the Lodge and Tented Camp include safaris on elephant and by river boat, jungle walks, bird watching excursions, and expeditions by Land rover. Our renowned naturalists, (some of whom have over 30 years’ experience), will introduce you to the fantastic array of flora and fauna in the Park. (They will be at hand Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge, Jungle Lodge in Chitwan, Chitwan Resortsall times to answer your questions.) The wildlife of Chitwan includes the endangered Greater One Horned rhinoceros, several species of deer, sloth bear, wild boar, fresh water dolphin, the marsh mugger and gharial crocodiles, over 450 species of birds, leopards and the elusive, Royal Bengal tiger.

Established in the early 60s in the lush sub-tropical jungles of the Terai of Nepal for wildlife enthusiasts, Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge is the pioneer wildlife safari lodge of Nepal and Asia . Tiger Tops is located in the heart of Nepal ’s premier Royal Chitwan National Park ; a world heritage site and provides sensible comfort and skilled staff to ensure the finest wildlife safaris in Asia today . Chitwan is one of Asia ’s richest and most spectacular wildlife sanctuaries and in 2003 iExplore, rated this park as one of the best “Wildlife Safari Destinations of the World”.

Services & Facilities
All double rooms at the Lodge are attractively furnished and each room has solar powered reading lamps and ceiling fans, with solar heated showers in the attached bathroom. Nepalese and Western cuisine is served in the central dining hall with its huge domed roof and central open fireplace. A fully stocked bar is open until the last guest retires.

Activities at the Lodge include wildlife viewing from elephant back, jungle walks, bird-watching, land rover drives, river safaris, elephant camp visits, wildlife viewing Tiger Tops Jungle Lodgeand photographing from machans (blinds). Every evening a slide show explains more fully about the flora and fauna of the National Park. All wildlife activities are escorted by experienced naturalists.

Wildlife in Chitwan includes the greater one-horned rhinoceros, spotted deer, hog deer, sambar deer and barking deer as well as a wide variety of birdlife. With a bit of luck, there are always the chance of glimpsing the leopard, sloth bear and Royal Bengal tiger.

Rustic Lodge with tree-houses and private bungalows, solar heated showers, dining hall and lounge; located 75 miles from Kathmandu.

Food & Drinks
The Resort restaurant offers both Nepalese, Continental, Indian and Chinese cuisine, hygienically prepared with concern for your health. Our bar offers a wide variety of imported and local liquors, beers, soft drinks and exotic cocktails.

Located just outside the tropics, the days in Chitwan are generally warm for most of the year and require only light clothing. However, from November to February the early mornings and evenings can be very chilly, requiring a warm sweater or jacket. Early morning elephant rides can be particularly cold before the sun rises and warms the air enough to dispel the damp morning mist.

Light weight, loose-fitting trousers and long-sleeved shirts are recommended for elephant riding as they give protection from cuts and scratches while moving through the tall grass and forests. Canvas shoes or lightweight boots are ideal for walking or elephant riding as they give protection from thorny vines, insects and prickles. Bright colors are very conspicuous in the jungle and we advise that you wear neutral-colored clothing. A sunhat or light neck scarf and suncream are necessary for preventing sunburn and perhaps insect repellent for use out of doors in the evening. You may wish to bring a swim suit for a dip in the swimming pool in our grounds.

At Machan Wildlife Resort, a team of expert naturalists has been formed under the leadership of Dr. Charles Ramble, an anthropologist and naturalist with wide experience of Nepal. They will share their knowledge of the jungle’s flora and fauna as they guide you on elephant back and in Landrovers, on nature walks and bird-watching excursions Canoeing is done in traditional dugout canoes which will give you a tranquil crocodile’s-eye view of the jungle, and a few miles drive upstream to the villages of the Danwar tribal community will allow you a glimpse into the lives of the jungle dwellers of Nepal.

When the spirit of the explorer-adventurers is strongest, we will trek with you into the dense forests of the Churia hills, the last domain in Chitwan where wild elephants still roam. Hidden in this remote region are the remains of ancient settlements that the jungle has reclaimed. To appreciate Tiger Tops fully we Tiger Tops Jungle Lodgerecommend a visit of not less than 3 days.

Hotel Details
* 28 Rooms
* 2 Floors Built in 1965 Laundry
* Dry Cleaning Service
* Complementary Coffee
* Gift Shop
* Room Service

Room Amenities
* Refrigerator
* Non-Smoking Rooms
* Daily Maid Service
* Balcony / Terrace




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Machan Wildlife Resort

Where the Sal forest of the Chitwan jungle meets the wide and beautiful valley of the Rapti river, the world is wild and splendid. Broad grassland sweeps north to the Mahabharata range and virgin jungle extends south to the Churia hills. For centuries the dense jungle bordering on the foothills of the Himalayas formed an impenetrable barrier, keeping Nepal a hidden and mysterious kingdom. The last three decades have seen that barrier breached, but the jungle of the Royal Chitwan National Park remains a world apart. Here the spirit of great explorer-adventurers still lives.

With the opening of Machan Wildlife Resort a new chapter is being written in adventure and exploration in the Chitwan jungle. The perfect beauty of its setting allows one to realize a fantasy most of us have cherished since childhood: the spirit of Mowgli in the world of Rudyard Kip ling.

Machan Wildlife Resort is located 190 km southwest of Kathmandu in the eastern edge of the Royal Chitwan National Park.

Getting There

By Land
Our vehicles will drive you there on the same mountain road which originally revealed Nepal’s hidden beauty to the outside world. The road crosses the Mahabharat Range at 2500 m and follows the Trishuli river most of the way.It offers splendid views of the Himalayas in clear weather.

By Air
There are two daily flights from Kathmandu to Bharatpur airfield, the nearest to Machan Wildlife Resort, and from Bharatpur guests are transported by Land-Rover to the resort which is 40 km from the airfield.

By Raft
You can opt for a raft trip down the Trishuli river which follows the road down into Chitwan National Park, with our trained rafting crew, and bivouac at camps on riverside beaches. This is Nepal’s most popular rafting river, for its impressive gorges, exciting rapids, and some easier sections. For many people it represents the ideal compromise trip: just the right length of, exhilarating rapids, and not too difficult.

Services & Facilities

The accommodation at Machan Wildlife Resort is in timber-framed bungalows having private bathrooms providing modern toilet amenities. To blend with the environment, lighting is by kerosene lanterns which we place outside your rooms at sundown. The main building with the dining room and bar and the pathway to the rooms are lighted by electric bulbs, and the power comes from a generator.

The paintings on the walls and the curtains also have a peculiar charm of it’s own. They were created by the women of Nepal’s Methyl culture. These women live in villages near the Tear town of Janakpur, where Sita, the heroine of The Ramayana, was married to the God, Ram. The villages once belonged to a Kingdom called Mithila and today the women continue to maintain the rich ancient traditions of their culture.

Food & Drinks
The Resort restaurant offers both Nepalese, Continental, Indian and Chinese cuisine, hygienically prepared with concern for your health. Our bar offers a wide variety of imported and local liquors, beers, soft drinks and exotic cocktails.

Located just outside the tropics, the days in Chitwan are generally warm for most of the year and require only light clothing. However, from November to February the early mornings and evenings can be very chilly, requiring a warm sweater or jacket. Early morning elephant rides can be particularly cold before the sun rises and warms the air enough to dispel the damp morning mist.

Light weight, loose-fitting trousers and long-sleeved shirts are recommended for elephant riding as they give protection from cuts and scratches while moving through the tall grass and forests. Canvas shoes or lightweight boots are ideal for walking or elephant riding as they give protection from thorny vines, insects and prickles. Bright colors are very conspicuous in the jungle and we advise that you wear neutral-colored clothing. A sunhat or light neck scarf and sun cream are necessary for preventing sunburn and perhaps insect repellent for use out of doors in the evening. You may wish to bring a swim suit for a dip in the swimming pool in our grounds.

At Machan Wildlife Resort, a team of expert naturalists has been formed under the leadership of Dr. Charles Ramble, an anthropologist and naturalist with wide experience of Nepal. They will share their knowledge of the jungle’s flora and fauna as they guide you on elephant back and in Land rovers, on nature walks and bird-watching excursions Canoeing is done in traditional dugout canoes which will give you a tranquil crocodile’s-eye view of the jungle, and a few miles drive upstream to the villages of the Danwar tribal community will allow you a glimpse into the lives of the jungle dwellers of Nepal.

When the spirit of the explorer-adventurers is strongest, we will trek with you into the dense forests of the Churia hills, the last domain in Chitwan where wild elephants still roam. Hidden in this remote region are the remains of ancient settlements that the jungle has reclaimed. To appreciate MACHAN fully we recommend a visit of not less than 3 days.





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Temple Tiger

Temple Tiger Jungle Lodges and Wildlife Camps one of the finest in Asia, is situated in the heart of Royal Chitwan National Park on the far western side and has the enviable distinction of being the best located property inside the National Park. This is proven by the record sightings of the elusive Royal Bengal Tiger, one horned Rhinoceros, crocodile and Gharial. Our territory of this fantastic reserve appeals to wildlife enthusiasts as well as visiting Ornithologists who consider our area a paradise for bird watching as both resident and migratory birds visit here in abundance.

Temple Tiger is the only Lodge inside the National Park of Chitwan, from where you can witness the natural game of prey and predator, from the hanging platform itself. This viewing deck, constructed above a huge man-made swamp provides a fantastic display of animals visiting the swamp or on the land.

Besides the view from your balcony, we also arrange jungle safaris on elephant back or by land rover. Nature walks accompanied by well-trained naturalists are very popular among nature lovers. Canoeing on the Narayani River provides an opportunity to watch gharial, dolphins and crocodiles from close quarters.

The Temple Tiger Jungle Lodge has tried and succeeded in creating a truly relaxing and welcoming atmosphere without disturbing the surrounding tranquility of the jungle.

There are 32 individual super deluxe jungle lodges. These wooden lodges or villas as they are called are on stilts and are equipped with all 5 star amenities and have a private balcony over-looking the grassland. The tastefully decorated rooms with Tharu artifacts have wall to wall carpets, a sofa and international size twin/ double bed, The spacious, attached bathrooms with running hot and cold water are a beautiful blend of wood, marble and bamboo (rattan). The thatched roofs of the villas are made from the abundant Siru grass therefore they blend easily into the surroundings. The tented camps are situated in the vicinity of the jungle lodges.

Getting There
Depending on time available and preferences, a number of options are available for the discerning traveler. International arrivals are all via Tribhuban Airport in Kathmandu(1300mtrs.) the capital city and heart of the culture of Nepal. Two hundred kilometers west lies Pokhara (1000mtrs.) at the foot of the great Annapurna mountain range. Between these two and in the lowlands to the south, is Chitwan National Park(200mtrs.)home to Temple Tiger Jungle Lodge.

By Air
The Temple Tiger Jungle Lodge in the Royal Chitwan National Park can be reached either by domestic airlines or the land route. 3-4 domestic airlines fly to Bharatpur which is a 25 minute flight. You will be met at the airport and driven to the Amaltari Ghat by a TTJL representative which will take 1hour 20minutes. On reaching the Ghat on the banks of the Narayani River, your jungle oddessy begins. Upon arrival, the guests will be transferred by riverboats and elephants/land rovers to the Temple Tiger Jungle Lodge.

By Land Route

Roads leading west from Kathmandu, or east from Pokhara meet midway between the two at Mugling. The main road turns south from here following the course of the Narayani through the middle hills to the Terai (lowlands) belt 35 kms south. At Narayanghat, we meet the Mahendra Highway and turn east through Chitwan. After about 50 kms, we drive south on a dirt road for the 15 kms drive to Amaltarighat.

The 190 kms. drive gives a fascinating view of life in rural Nepal, rivers, and villages, rice terraces and forested hillsides. A good option is to drive one way, fly the other.

By Raft
A thrilling activity can be incorporated into the drive About 2 ½ hrs. after leaving Kathmandu Charaundi is reached, from where the rafting begins. After 3 hours white water rafting on the Trishuli river, we arrive at Kurintar. There a packed lunch will be provided. Another 3hr. drive will take you to Amaltari Ghat, on the banks of River Narayani. Variation in the rafting itineary can be arranged with trips lasting upto three days, camping enroute. For visitors from Pokh

Services & Facilities
The best times for visiting Temple Tiger are from mid- September as the monsoon ends, right through until the next pre-monsoon period the following June. The Lodge can be reached from Kathmandu and Pokhara by air, road, or a combination of road and river trip (see detailed section ’Getting there”)

Temple TigerThe main Lodge area consists of a central complex carved out from the jungle. Here are found the main Lodge buildings. Traditionally built and thatched roofed, briefing and relaxing areas, the bar, a fine restaurant, a shop to meet most needs, a library and an outstanding wildlife viewing platform built out unto the wetlands adjacent to the lodge.

Accommodation is in bungalows supported on wooden stilts and distributed in well-spaced jungle clearings. All rooms have their own bathrooms, solar heated water systems, and solar powered electricity. They offer a cozy and warm environment.

Guest activities include early morning and afternoon elephant safaris lasting up to two hours. Large tracts of the surrounding countryside can be visited and diverse wildlife can be encountered. The nearby Narayani River offers tranquil float trips with opportunities for sighting Gharial, dolphins and crocodiles from close quarters, picnic lunches and rambles back through the jungle to the lodge. Four wheel drive vehicles can venture further afield and separate visits can be arranged to the park headquarters and the Gharial Breeding Centre at Sauraha. The trips are accompanied throughout by our trained wildlife guides who also present slide shows, briefings and can oversee evening discussion programs around the campfire.

Food is varied, fresh and healthy. A mix of western, Asian and oriental, there is generally something to meet everyone’s expectations.

The aim of Temple Tiger jungle Lodge is to create a truly relaxing, welcoming and fascinating atmosphere without disturbing the surrounding tranquility of the jungle.

Viewing Deck
This viewing deck is a major attraction from which various species of birds including migratory ones can be spotted. The man made swamp below has become a waterhole for occasional wildlife visitors too.

To ferry you across River Narayani

Round House
This lounge area in the gazebo style with its welcoming atmosphere is a favourite with all. The bar makes it a good relaxing spot.

Square Dining Hall
its central sunken fireplace sets the perfect mood for a warm meal or quiet relaxation.





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Island Jungle Resort

As the crow flies ninety kilometers southwest of Kathmandu, is the Royal Chitwan National Park. Widely acknowledged as one of the best national parks in Asia, covering a pristine area of 932 sq. km. This is the first national park in Nepal, established in 1973 to preserve a unique ecosystem of significant value to the entire world. The park is situated in the sub-tropical inner ‘Terai’ lowlands of south-central Nepal.

In the northwest section of the park is an island known as the Bandarjhola, surrounded by the Narayani River. This unique island consists of riverine forest, tall grassland, marshland, numerous inlets and oxbow lakes. Such a diverse combination of nature is found only here on this island providing a perfect habitat for wildlife. It is here that you will also find Island Jungle Resort offering you the opportunities in experiencing the exciting life of the jungle.

Getting There

By Air
Just a thirty minute flight will bring you from Kathmandu to Bharatpur (outside Chitwan National Park.) Daily morning flights are available from Royal Nepal (RNAC.) At Bharatpur airport you will be met by our staff and be driven to our Island Jungle Resort.

By Raft
One of the most exciting ways to travel to the park is by raft down the Trishuli river – a day float – which brings you to Narayanghat where you may be driven to our Island Jungle Resort. The number of days floating can be extended as per your schedule.

By Surface

A pleasant five hour drive by Car or Tourist bus on the Kathmandu-Narayanghat highway follows the Trisuli river and offers you a continually changing landscape from the mountains of the Himalayan to the plains of the Terai.

Services & Facilities

We provide both lodges and tented camp accommodation. To blend with the environment, lighting is done by kerosene lanterns. Only in the dinning hall, electric bulbs are used – the power is supplied from a generator.

The lodges consist of simple styled jungle huts with hot & cold running showers. The lodges blend with the natural environment, but also provide you with every necessary comfort.

Tented Camp
The finest quality safari tents are used in the tented camp. These are specially designed to accommodate two camp beds and plenty of extra space for luggage & changing. Separate bathrooms are provided close to the tents with hot & cold running showers.

Food & Drinks

A large local style, round hut is where we offer Nepalese, Continental, Indian and Chinese cuisine. All is hygienically prepared with concern for your health.

Our Jungle Bar offers you a wide variety of imported and local liquors, beers, soft drinks and exotic cocktails.

One of the best ways to view the flora and fauna of Chitwan is from elephant back enabling you to penetrate deep into the jungle through tall grasslands but there are many other exciting ways too.

Our experienced naturalists and nature guides will take you on jungle walks, jungle drive, bird watching, for boat rides to seek out both the marsh mugger and gharial crocodiles and to observe wildlife from one of our watch towers.





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Gaida Wildlife Camp

Gaida Wildlife Camp borders the Rhino (our namesake) Zone in the central area of Royal Chitwan National Park. Guests on elephant-back safari quite often see as many as 10 to 15 rhinos. Gaida Lodge overlooks the river that serves as the parks natural boundary. Views from your bungalow window can include any of the mammals and birds that make their home in the park.

Reputed as one of the best managed Jungle Safari Resorts of Nepal, Gaida boasts of having two facilities; the Luxury Lodge and the outdoor Jungle Camp located within the central area of the park. Staffed by competent and dedicated professionals, Gaida offers an unusual setting and unique opportunity to observe wildlife from a close range.

Incentive Programs for tour groups, special interest tours, agencies and companies can be handled for up to 120 people. Please inquire for more information.

Getting There

A 15 minute flight from Kathmandu to the Bharatpur airport in Chitwan followed by a drive of about 40 minutes is one of the popular ways to arrive at Gaida.

A scenic and enjoyable access to Gaida is by road. The four hour country drive on the Prithvi Highway following the beautiful Trishuli river is a very rewarding experience. The drive through small villages, seeing people of diverse ethnic origins and terraced fields, presents an enchanting scene.

A raft trip of varying lengths on the Gandaki, Trishuli or Narayani rivers followed by a short drive escorted by Gaida representatives to the Gaida Jungle Lodge & Camp is another popular means to get the resort.

Services & Facilities

Gaida Highlights
* Rhino Zone Location
* 23 Yrs of Service Experience – 1st Nepali Owned
* Accommodations Available INSIDE the Park
* All Facilities with Attached Bath and Hot Water
* Only A/C Lodge inside Chitwan Park in Nepal
* Elephant Training Program – One of a Kind
* Royal Family’s Choice Location for Chitwan
* Naturalists & Ornithologists as Resident Staff

Lodge Facilities

Gaida Jungle Lodge is situated overlooking the Dungre River. Thirty twin-sharing bungalows are built in a semi circle around a central dining Restaurant. Each has a sweeping view of the river & the grass land across with all standard furnishings and a spacious balcony. Attached toilet and shower facility using solar power for hot water are available. An outdoor garden and a well stocked bar provide a very comfortable atmosphere to stretch out and enjoy the surrounding jungle and even the towering Himalayas up in the north on clear days.

In order to maintain the jungle atmosphere and balance with wildlife, neither the Jungle Lodge or Camp are provided with electricity. Candles and Kerosene lanterns will be placed at your door during the night. A/C is provided by generator and water is solar-heated

Jungle Camp Facilities

Gaida Jungle Camp is located amidst ‘saal’ forest 5 miles (8 km) away from the Lodge. The foothills of the Churia range border the southern edge of the Park. Here, safari style tents with thatched roofs provide accommodation in a wilderness environment. Each tent has plenty of space including two comfortable beds, a bedside table and attached toilet and hot/cold shower facility.

The wildlife activities here compliment the ones in the Lodge providing the guests with a unique insight of the deep forest. This region is also acknowledged as Chitwan’s best bird watching area. Treks of varying duration are offered in the camp including a visit to the very successful Gharial (rare species of fish eating crocodile) Conservation Project. The best chances of viewing the Royal Bengal Tiger in the wild are here.

Wildlife Activities

In Gaida’s diverse topography for wildlife and bird life habitat, a guest visit is enhanced by expert Naturalists and Shikaris (field guides) who manage and escort each safari. Trips are planned to highlight each feature of the park and include game viewing on elephant back, nature walks, dugout canoe excursions, jungle drives, observation from tree top blinds, cultural tours, slide presentations, treks to the Churia range, cultural dance presentations, butterfly/orchid tours, birding tours and exploratory trips according to schedule of stay.

Gaida Wildlife Camp has been host to several Ornithologist and Anthropologist groups since its establishment in 1976. Wildlife and nature expeditions to other national parks have also been organized.

Elephant Training – A recent addition to Gaida’s activities includes an extended stay training with our staff elephants. No where else in Nepal or any other place in the world may you find this unique opportunity. For more information on how you may be a part of this program, please inquiry here.

Other Services

Rafting/Trekking – Two other adventures to highlight your stay in Nepal. Gaida also operates rafting, trekking and mountaineering expeditions in association with its member companies. These organizations are fully equipped to assist you with all necessary travel arrangements for your stay in Nepal and throughout the Indian subcontinent. Please inquire for more information.




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Nepal Wildlife Resort

Nepal Wildlife Resort is situated of the south west Nepal at the best location at Royal Bardia National Park on the bank of one of the tributaries of the Karnali River. Nepal Wildlife Resort operates with the philosophy that time & patience will reward both the serious & amateur naturalists with rich opportunities for wildlife viewing. With this view in mind we have built a view tower where guest can sit quietly & in protected comfort, watch the wildlife. It provides the unique opportunity to observe wildlife from a close range. The atmosphere we provide is clean and comfortable with the possibilities of staying in our lodge accommodations. Our staff consists of competent professionals dedicated to provide you with the necessary arrangement to make your wildlife experience a unique and memorable one. The Tharus, one of the ethnic tribes of Nepal, living nearby village will perform a traditional Tharu cultural dance in our Camp to entertain you in the evening.

Services & Facilities

Lodge Facilities
We offer a comfortable atmosphere, proper bedrooms with fan, attached shower and toilet. There is running hot and cold water for all 24 hours. A dining hall where we serve continental, Chinese, Indian and Nepalese dishes prepared by our well-trained cook. We will not only provide you with delicious food but local and imported beverages are available at the bar. We have a bar, which is open till late night. We have 24 hours guard. You can enjoy on the view tower.

Dining/Seminar hall
It offers the convention facility with capacities of up to 64 people. It has 37 feet x 23 feet space Dining hall. But in this area there is no electricity so we are using generator for Light, Refrigerator and Fan. Our smile and very friend staff conference support team makes Seminar hall one of the most attractive convention destination in the Bardia.




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Forest Hideaway Hotel & Cottages

Forest Hideaway Hotel & Cottages was founded in 1992 and is presently Nepali owned. Due to the extensive experience of the management and the dedicated work of the staff Forest Hideaway has an unmatched reputation, both at home and abroad, as a well-run establishment. Additionally the Forest Hideaway team has the knowledge and facilities to offer you top quality advice and travel planning.

Forest Hideaway Hotel & Cottages has been committed to the provision of quality service ever since its establishment. It is certified and approved by the Department of Tourism, Nepal.

Forest Hideaway offers friendly and efficient services to you as our customer. Transport can be arranged using our own drivers and cars. Our local guides are multi-lingual and have extensive training and experience in eco-friendly tourist practice in and around the park. We also have the facilities to offer computerised air ticketing and hotel booking world-wide. City tours of the Kathmandu valley with knowledgeable guides can be organised. In fact we cater for all your travel plans and arrangements throughout Nepal including white-water rafting, mountain trekking, jungle safaris and even package tours of Tibet!

Tharu Styla Resort

Known as ‘Tharu’, the indigenous people of the western lowlands of Nepal live in close harmony with nature. The local community depends on the forest and rivers for their survival and livelihood and still lives as they have done for generations. In keeping with this rural way of life, Forest Hideaway provides accommodation from budget to deluxe, in traditional clay and timber cottages with grass thatch roofing and indigenous décor.

The hotel contains a library, bar and restaurant offering a set buffet or appetizing a la carte menu. All this is situated within a beautiful garden.

Forest Hideaway Hotel & Cottages provides a relaxed setting from which to explore the pristine conservation area that is Royal Bardia National Park.

Electricity has not yet reached Bardia – kerosene lamps are used for lighting and solar power is utilized to heat the water during the day and hot water bottles at night. Recently, however, a generator has been added to the facilities which, when required, can add extra warmth and electricity to the hotel. Primarily this electricity is provided for battery charging facilities and the inclusion of a television for wildlife presentations.

Positive Tourism
Forest Hideaway endeavors to pass on the positives of tourism to the local Tharu community. The majority of the staff are from the surrounding villages, a third of whom have received formal certified training prior to employment. Local tradesmen are employed on an ad hoc basis and many local products are used in the resort Forest Hideaway Hotel & Cottageswhere possible.

Essential Facts
WHERE are we? – Forest Hideaway is situated in the western lowland area of Nepal in Thakurdwara village on the peripheries of Royal Bardia National Park.

Services & Facilities

Our Activities
Forest Hideaway offers walking, jeep and elephant back safaris as well as rafting trips on the Karnali River. We also have a full range of cultural tours to be enjoyed. Forest Hideaway provides the visitor with access to a selection of programs and tours geared at you enjoying all aspects of the surrounding natural wonderland.

Elephant Back Safari
Royal Bardia National Park is serviced by well looked after domestic elephants. These fearless, majestic animals provide the safest and most convenient method of transport within the park. Due to their nature you can move around within the tall grasslands and dense jungle and still demand an impressive view. Hence, Elephant back safaris are ideal for viewing the extensive flora and fauna the park has to offer.

Jungle Walks
Jungle walks are for the more ‘hands on’ naturalist. These walks allow the explorer to move with minimal disturbance from one ecosystem to the next. This makes the jungle walk the best for seeing wildlife and brings you very close to nature at its best. Additionally your guide can give you in-depth information on the habitats you pass through, details of the plant life you encounter and general tracking tips.

Jeep Safaris
Jeep safari is the fastest way to see the park, allowing for journeys deep into the jungle. You visit some of the best viewing towers and areas within the park boundaries. We will take you off-road in a four-wheel drive vehicle for an unforgettable safari experience.

Karnali Rafting Trips
An early morning 30 km drive by jeep will drop you by the Karnali River. This is followed by a serene all day raft down the gentle Karnali. The rafting journey allows you to spot much wildlife, especially the endangered freshwater Gangetic Dolphin, the Gharial Crocodile, exotic birds and big game on the nearby river banks. Swimming is also possible and sometimes even the dolphins may join you! Some stretches of white water can be included for the more adventurous.

Bird Watching Excursions
These specialist tours are aimed at exploring the community forest, river habitats and open water areas. These areas are inhabited by many varieties of birds. Bird watching is most often performed on foot for the least disturbance, but a jeep safari is sometimes preferable. Our specially trained guides can help identify the different Forest Hideaway Hotel & Cottagesvariety of birds encountered, be they resident or migratory.

Cultural Program
The cultural program is essentially a dance and festival session performed by local Tharu dance troupes and is a highlight of any visit to Forest Hideaway. The performance of colorful dance exposes you to traditional costumes, practice and music providing a captivating spectacle for one and all.

Tharu Village Visit
This tour provides a window into local Tharu life. These friendly, yet non-intrusive visits are all conducted in the local community. The Tharu have a distinctive building style, characterized by the use of straw, wood and clay to construct traditional housing. These peaceful villages are truly a beautiful and relaxing sight to behold, which we recommend to everyone who visits the Bardia area.

Bicycle Hire
At Forest Hideaway we offer you mountain bikes to venture out into the local community, either alone or accompanied by a guide. You can discover the beauty of Bardia and the culture of the Tharu.

Specialist tours can be arranged for you upon arrival. Specialist tours are aimed at particular habitats or types of wildlife. For example, a popular choice is a Black Buck Antelope Tour or a prolonged three-day deep jungle trek. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further details or information on our available activities.




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Rhino Lodge Bardia

Rhino Lodge is conveniently located only 5 minutes away from the park, 15 minutes from the park headquarters and 3 minutes from the elephant stable. The Lodge consisting of comfortable cottage accommodations have attached bathroom with hot and cold water is spread over a large area amid a peaceful and beautiful setting of well-manicured lawns, walkways and gardens full of flowers and plants. There is a separate dining hall where delectable Nepalese and Continental cuisines are served. This is also an ideal place for guests to gather in the evenings and share the day’s experiences with each other.

Rhino lodge is situated in a unique location for you to explore the park. During your stay, you will be treated to a whole roster of exciting activities. We will take you on elephant back to view wild animals in their natural habitat. This exciting jumbo ride guided by expert mahouts will take you across water courses and grasslands and provides the best vantage point for forays, deep into the jungle of which will be accompanied by expert naturalists who know the area well.

We will also make forays deep into the jungle on a four wheel drive vehicle and enjoy not only the drive but also frequent sightings of the park’s unique animals. Next, there will be nature walks in the jungle as well as bird watching and village tours all of which will be accompanied by expert naturalists who know the area well. A cultural program performed by the Tharus will be other highlight of your stay with us.

Because we have the expertise. With many years experience in the business ( we operate a similar lodge facility in the Royal Chitwan National Park which we started more than 16 years ago) we know exactly how to ensure a QUALITY wildlife experience for our customers.

Services & Facilities

Village Tour
The jungle scenery, birds and animals alone do not make up the unique features of Royal Bardia National Park. The indigenous local people, the Tharus, are also of immense interest. A professional guide/expert naturalist will accompany you through the area and help you gather insights into the Tharu way of life.

Elephant Safari
An excellent opportunity to see Asian Elephant, Great One Horned Rhinoceros, Spotted Deer or Chital, Hog Deer, Barking Deer, Samber, Swamp Deer or Barasinghe, Nilgai or Blue Bull, Black Buck, Wild Boar, Royal Bengal Tiger, Leopard, Wild Dog, Golden Jackal, Striped Hyena. You will also encounter many other smaller mammals that have made Royal Bardia National Park their home.

A highlight of this trip will be the viewing from the watchtowers (Machhan) to have Rhino Lodge Bardiathe wild sightseeing, accompanied by our experienced naturalist and wildlife trackers. Excellent photographic opportunities are plentiful.

Cultural Program
A cultural program performed by the Tharus will be another highlight of your visit to the Rhino Lodge Bardia. The Tharus in colorful traditional costumes, unique in their disparity with the common mode of dress all over Nepal, are sure to captivate you.

Bird Watching
Bird watching is always best on foot. Our specialists will help you spot and identify the different varieties of birds, both local and migratory, that are found in Nepal. An excellent opportunity to see a great many species of birds found in Bardia.

Crocodile Breeding Center
A fascinating visit to the crocodile Breeding Center.

Jungle/Nature Walk
Next, there will be nature walks in the jungle as well as bird watching and village tours, all of which will be accompanied by expert naturalists.

Full Day Rafting at Karnali River
White water rafting and scenic float through exciting rapids, deep gorges, forested hillsides and remote villages. An excellent opportunity for bird watching. Packed lunch will be provided.

Jeep Drive
For an adventurous excursion we also offer to take you through the road less jungle on a four-wheel drive vehicle. The slow growl of open jeeps, the sights and sounds of real animals in the wild can be an unforgettable experience.





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Tiger Tops Karnali Jungle Lodge

Tiger Tops Karnali Lodge and Tented Camp are situated in the Royal Bardia National Park in far west Nepal. Accessible by flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj, a trip which offers breathtaking views of the Himalaya, followed by a 2 hour scenic drive along the East West Highway through the lowlands of Nepal passing many fascinating Tharu villages.Tiger Tops Nepal has pioneered adventure tourism in far West Nepal with the opening of a uniquely styled Jungle Lodge on the edge of the Royal Bardia National Park and a comfortable Tented Camp within the park, 18 kms north of the Lodge on the banks of the great Karnali River.

Approximately 1000 sq kms in area, the park has a rich and varied wildlife – wild elephant, the Greater One Horned rhinoceros, leopard, blue bull, sambar and swamp deer, Chital (spotted deer), wild boar, and the most magnificent of cats, the Royal Bengal Tiger. Bardia is remote and still relatively unexplored, but over 300 species of birds have been recorded here. The park is surrounded by villages of some of the most spectacular and colourful Tharu tribal peoples.

Tiger Tops Karnali offers a unique wildlife cultural and adventure experience. The lodge, built appropriately from local materials, is decorated in the style of the Tharus and blends perfectly with its surroundings. Its twelve double rooms with attached bathrooms offer comfortable accommodation whilst the central dining area and a well stocked bar provide an ideal setting for dining and relaxing.

Over looking the snow-fed waters of the Karnali River is one of the most enchanting jungle camps in Asia – Tiger Tops Karnali Tented Camp. Patterned after the famous Tiger Tops Tented Camp in Royal Chitwan National Park, it offers the same high class facilities-spacious safari tents with twin beds, separate hot and cold showers and modern jungle toilet amenities. A fully stocked bar is open until the last guest retires. Nepali and Western cuisine is served around the campfire.

Tiger Tops Karnali Lodge and Tented Camp, in conjunction with its affiliate Himalayan River Exploration, has introduced river running on the Bheri and Karnali Rivers. White water and scenic float trips are arranged for several days through the exciting rapids, deep gorges, forested hillsides and remote villages of these little known rivers before arriving at Tiger Tops Karnali Tented Camp.




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Aqua Birds Unlimited Camp

Aqua Birds Unlimited Camp is the First Eco-lodge in Nepal approved by Green Globe Organization. Spread in 10 acres of private pristine wetland, Aqua Birds is located on the border of Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve which is a Ramsar Site listed by the International Wetland Convention. The hotel offers excellent tented camp with incredible sighting of wetland birds congregation in thousands. This is the last stronghold of the Asian Wild Buffalo and Gangetic Dolphin in Nepal.

Aqua Birds Unlimited Camp in Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve – It lies on the flood plains of the Sapta-Koshi in Saptari and Sunsari Districts of Eastern Nepal. Rapid and complete inundation of the reserve to depths ranging from 10 to 300 cm occurs during the monsoon. The reserve offers important habitat for a variety of wildlife. The last surviving populations (about 100 individuals) of wild buffalo or arna are found here including other mammals. A total of 280 different species or birds have been recorded. Amidst the jungle environment Aqua Birds Unlimited Camp and Koshi Tappu Wildlife Camp have come into existence. The activities includes morning jungle treks by the river lagoons and wetlands, canoe ride, slide shows, bird watching, cultural dances and visit unique village settlements.

Aqua Birds Unlimited Camp has been successfully running on its 10th year of operation despite the current political situation. We extend our gratitude to our valuable guests who have been our inspiration behind successful operations. Aqua Birds Unlimited Camp is now a member of KGH Group of Hotels and Resorts, a trusted business house with 40 years of experience in hospitality industry.

Were overwhelmed by the response from our guests, who sincerely acknowledged our warm hospitality, knowledgeable staff, delicious food, and richness of birds, stunning dolphins, and mighty Wild Water Buffalos, common leopard, wolves and wild tusker. Within a decade our camp proved a must visit destination for bird watching safari, sport fishing and cultural tour. Koshi Tappu Migratory Annual Bird Festival that I have started six years ago is still going strong.

For your kind information we participated in the British Bird Watching Fair in 2005 and shall be taking part in 2006 too. If you are visiting the fair it will be a pleasure to meet you in our stall. We shall be sharing a stall with Classic Journeys, our local partner in UK . May we request you to recommend us to your friends, tour operators, research institutions, bird watching and fishing clubs so that they will also have an opportunity to experience the memorable hospitality at Aqua Birds Unlimited Camp.

Located on plain of the Koshi River in the eastern Terai of Nepal, the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve (175 sq km) is home to around 441 species of birds, including 30 shore birds, 114 water birds, 20 ducks and 2 ibises. The endangered swamp partridge and Bengal florican are also found here. The Koshi is an extremely important resting-place for migratory birds numbering o 87 winter visitors.

The Koshi river which forms the major landmark of the Nepalese geography is the home of 80 fish species. The endangered Gharial crocodile and Gangetic dolphin are also found here. Koshi is an exclusive reserve for the last surviving population of wild buffalo or arna in Nepal . Its number at present is estimated to be 150. The reserve is a habitat of 20 other animal species such as hog deer, spotted deer, wild boar, blue bull and rock python.

The vegetation in this region mainly includes tall khar-pater grasslands with a few patches of khair-sissoo scrub forest and deciduous mixed riverine forest.

During the monsoon, the reserve is flooded with depths ranging from 10 to 300 cm. Aqua Birds Unlimited CampFrom season to season the Koshi River changes its course. The Koshi river also know as the Sapta Koshi meaning seven great rivers collects waters from the glaciers, glacial lakes, and the monsoon rains. Embankments are constructed parallel to the river to check flooding in the surrounding villages. Sunsets over the river are phenomenal. On clear days, views of the Himalayan peaks including the Mt Makalu add beauties to the landscape.

Recognizing its global significance, the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve has been recognized as the Ramsar Site in 1987. The reserve was gazette notified in 1976.

Bird watching along the eastern embankment at dusk and dawn is one of the most exciting pleasure trips in the reserve. The Arnas with their huge horns are equally impressive to look at. Elephant ride, nature walk, driving along the embankment and strolling around the villages are interesting activities

Birdlife in Nepal

Nepal supports over 10% of the world’s bird species diversity. To-date about 860 bird species has been recorded from Nepal in the last 150 years. The corresponding altitude and habitat in the five physiographic zones including special sites such as Mai Valley , Rara Ringmo finger and western Terai contributed to the bird species richness in Nepal . Kali Gandaki Valley lies in the cross road of bird distribution. It is the culminating point for the distribution of Eastern species such as blood pheasant and western species e.g. Cheer pheasant. Pokhara valley and the surrounding is where all the eight vulture species occurring in Nepal are found.

Lammergeier’s wing span measure over 3 meters that helps them to soar over the Himalayan valleys and peaks. The tallest includes the Sarus Crane measuring close to two meter tall. The heavier bird may include Cinereous Vulture that may weigh over 10 kg. The smallest include the Tickell’s Flowerpecker that measure just about the size of the thumb. The most colorful bird may include the national bird Danfe (Himalayan Munal) of Himalaya and Peacock of tropical forest. The specialized feeding habit of birds include the piscivorous, nectarines, bone marrow eaters, filter feeders, seed eaters and carnivores.

Spiny Babbler is the only endemic species recorded for Nepal . The Central Himalayan Endemic Bird Area as defined by Birdlife International lies entirely within Nepal . Its key habitats are moist temperate forest, dense secondary growth and scrub. Six of the 22 restricted range species in this endemic bird area are recorded in Nepal : Rufous-throated Wren Babbler, Wedge-billed Wren Babbler, Hoary-throated Barwing, White-naped Yuhina, Yellow-vented Warbler and Broad-billed Warbler.

The colorful Danfe (Lophophorus impejanus) have been declared as the national bird. Nine species have been given legal protected status that include three pheasant spp. (Danfe, Monal and Cheer), two stork species (black white stork), two florican (bengal and lesser), Sarus Crane, Giant Hornbill, and there are 29 globally threatened species occurring in Nepal. That includes Swamp Partridge, Cheer Pheasant, Bengal and Lesser Florican, Sarus Crane, Wood Snipe, White-rumped and Slender Billed Vulture, Lesser adjutant, Grey Crowned Prinia, Bristled Grassbird, Jerdon’s and Slender Billed Babbler and Finn Weaver. Baer’s Pochard, Imperial Eagle, Pallas’s Fish Eagle, Greater Spotted Eagle, and Hodgson’s bush Chat Aqua Birds Unlimited Campare migratory and rarely occurs in Nepal . Lesser Kestrel and Kashmir Flycatcher are uncommon passage migrants. Spot-billed Pelican occasionally visits wetlands of Koshi Tappu. Rufous necked Hornbill, White-bellied Heron and Black-breasted Parrotbill have been extirpated from Nepal and Pink Headed Duck is presumed Extinct.

There are transcontinental and altitudinal migration of birds in Nepal . The pronounced migratory species are Demoiselle Cranes above kali Gandaki, Bar-headed Geese that flies over Mt. Everest , Steppe Eagle along with other birds of prey fly over the Suinkhet valley near Pokhara, The famous wintering area for the wetland birds are Koshi Tappu, Chitwan and Karnali. Beeshazar, Jagadishpur and Ghodaghodi Lakes are the newly listed Ramsar Sites that provide wintering site for duck and other waders. There are about 150 winter migrants residing in forest and wetlands. The summer migrants (about 62) include cuckoos, crow-billed drongo, pitta, Chestnut headed bee-eater etc. The famous bird watching sites of Nepal are Shivapuri and Phulchowki hills surrounding Kathmandu, Pokhara and Modi Valley of Annapurna Sanctuary, Langtang Valley , Arun Basin , Royal Chitwan National Park , Bardia, Shukla and the wetlands of Koshi Tappu, and Jomsom.





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Koshi Camp

Koshi camp is centrally located at the reserve’s eastern edge, a known site good for birds and wildlife. It is easily accessed from the east-west highway which is only 6 km away. The reserve headquarters is also a similar distance from the camp. Close to several waterholes, Koshi Camp is furnished with 11 large natural-colour luxury safari tents with a spacious dining and a bar. At one time, the camp can hold a maximum of 22 guests only

For guests looking for ‘extra adventures’ we organize several exciting and memorable tours. For many who are looking for peace and tranquility this is an ideal place. On a clear day, you may be lucky to see the world’s 5th highest mountain ‘Makalu’ from your tent !

Three months have gone by since our last Garuda was sent to you. Koshi Camp now looks greener and fresher after the monsoon. We have opened our camp from since October 1st and have already hosted several visitors.

The sight of male Pied Harriers flying over the Koshi Camp every evening reminds the onset of winter in the lowlands of Nepal. Flocks of wintering buntings are seen in the camp and elsewhere. These often fly around, mixed with resident Baya and varieties of munia. Several Indian Flying Foxes (one of the largest fruit bats of the world) come every night to feed on fruiting trees of the camp. Grasslands across the mighty Koshi River are in white flowers and the distant views of Mount Makalu (world’s fifth highest mountain peak) on a clear morning is just awesome. We would like to invite you all to share this feeling and sight with us here at Koshi Tappu !

The most exciting news from the camp include continuous presence of globally threatened Swamp Francolin. One family with up to 5 individuals was seen in front of the dining hall resting on a grass tunnel. Dr Seb Buckton, Senior Research Scientist at Wildfowl and Wetland Trust was our opening guest for this season who witnessed the Swamp Francolin family and several other birds at our camp premises. Dr Buckton was on a wetland conservation mission supported by a grant from the Darwin Initiative, UK government. As an expert on wetland ecology, Dr Buckton has praised our effort to conserve the habitats.

Jungle Cat and a flock of medium sized fruit bats are resident at Koshi Camp. Although rich in bat fauna, not much is known about their identity, status and distribution in Nepal. Koshi Camp could be an exciting centre also for those who would like to study bats. Similarly, butterflies, dragonflies and damselflies are found in plenty at Koshi but again not much is know especially about the latter two.

A visit to the Barrage in October revealed at least 3 Fresh Water Dolphins. Koshi Barrage continues to be an exciting bird watching destination with scores of birds.

Conservation and research

The problem of Mikania micrantha at Koshi Tappu first brought to attention via Koshi Camp newsletter is getting international attention. Dr Carol Ellison and Dr Sean Murphy from CABI Bioscience are attending a one-day workshop on this alien invasive weed in Kathmandu, which will be hosted by Dr Hem Sagar Baral on 25 November 2004. We hope some positive outcome from this workshop. Koshi Camp is committed to contribute financially and technically towards solving this problem.

On the research front, Koshi Camp staffs seem to be carrying out some practical initiatives. A short paper is expected on the biological control of introduced snail species at Koshi and Chitwan. This paper will indicate how a natural biological agent could be used for control of the introduced snails.

Koshi CampAs you know 5 years ago when we started the camp, we pledged every genuinely interested birdwatchers, ornithologists, naturalists, interested layman to serious scientists to use and promote our camp. We, who own and run Koshi Camp are continuously giving our free time to nature conservation and public awareness activities. Koshi Camp because of its contribution to Bird Conservation Nepal was awarded a Corporate Sponsor Award early this year during an Annual General Meeting. Similarly Koshi Camp has provided space for an Education Centre adjacent to the camp where researchers as well as local students gain knowledge on wildlife and environment. Koshi Camp is also supporting Himalayan Nature by providing finance and logistical support. In this way, we are contributing significant portion of our time and financial resources towards nature conservation. For us to sustain in these activities we will need your support. Without your support all our initiatives will cease to function. By visiting us and using our facilities, you are contributing to support conservation in Nepal as well as people who are working for conservation.

Birds to see

Rarities include Greater Adjutant Stork, Red-necked Falcon, Indian Skimmer, Indian Courser, Bengal and Lesser Floricans, Hodgson’s Bushchat, amongst others.

Spot-billed Pelican, Lesser Adjutant Stork, Black-necked Stork, Falcated Duck, Baer’s Pochard, Comb Duck, White-tailed Eagle, Imperial Eagle, Pied Harrier, Caspian Tern, Black-bellied Tern, Stork-billed Kingfisher, Swamp Francolin, Striated Grassbird, Bristled Grassbird.

Service & Facilities

Nature Safari Tours
Following a highly successful beginning the Nature Safari Tours team is busy preparing for the future. It’s no accident that such a young company is so successful. Everyone here has worked hard and believed throughout the growing process that what Nature Safari Tours offers is – absolutely the best. The four founding members of the company share more than 50 years experience in wildlife research and guiding. Their expertise is beyond question and their commitment to wildlife conservation is beyond doubt. Their vision for Nature Safari Tours has been to create an organization which continues to:-

Deliver a service of the highest possible standard and work to continuously improve what it offers. Remain responsive to the needs of its customers. Demonstrate its practice of fair employment and equality of treatment for all its staff. Work as always in partnership and with respect for the environment. It is our belief that when you choose to come through Nature Safari Tours for your vacation you deserve to experience the best that Nepal has to offer. That you should do the things which interest you, enjoy the exotic and beautiful surroundings and wildlife. To have an adventure and to do all of this in comfort and safety. It is the role of our company to create this and it has been our pleasure that we have already delivered this service for hundreds of our clients. Whether you join us for an introductory tour or something longer and tailor-made we will be flexible to your needs and always offer excellent value for money in the holiday market.

Our key activities

Koshi CampWildlife tours in Nepal which range from introductory trips across a number of sites, to specialized tours at one or more main location. Nature Safari Tours has access to all National Parks and Reserves in Nepal which means that we are able to offer a wide choice of location and terrain. Trekking tours which cater for a range of experience levels and which can be located in a number of areas with diverse geography -Langtang, Everest, Annapurna, Kanchenjunga, Barun Valley and Rara. Introduction to rafting tours; these thrilling activity trips are based on the Trisuli River.

Sightseeing tours – short tours with specialist city guides who will share with you their knowledge of architecture and history. These visits can be to Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Swayambhunath, Boudhanath, Pashupatinath and Changu Narayan. In Dhulikhel and Hattiban we are able to conduct tours for you to view the stunning natural landscape. You can watch the sun rise at Kakani and Nagarkot. Day trips are also regularly conducted in the beautiful surrounding hills. For bird watching and botanising – Phulchowki, Shivapuri and Nagarjun provide easily accessible and stunning venues.

Wildlife tours
* Scientific research and expeditions
* Cultural experience
* Nepal home stay program
* Additional trips can be arranged on request
* With excellent and comfortable accommodation, flexible itineraries and a wide range of exciting activities the whole team here at Nature Safari Tours promises to give you the holiday experience of a lifetime and hopes to see you soon.




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Koshi Tappu Wildlife Camp

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Camp, the very first luxury camp, situated just at the outskirt of Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve, in the eastern part of the country, is truly a natural haven on earth. Living among the birds within the greenly dense camp, it is a perfect getaway spot. For, the birders, the camp itself is a place where the rare and exotic birds come to you. Koshi Tappu wildlife camp, is the first camp established in the Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve in the year 1992. Established solely for the purpose of serving to the needs of the birdwatchers all over the world, the camp is staffed with bird specialists renowned in the country. Now, this camp has also served to the holiday needs of the nature lovers seeking solace from the city and the hectic life. Time just slows down inside the camp.

The camp is staffed with local naturalists and bird specialists. It consists of 12 large deluxe safari tents with easy twin beds and modern toilet amenity. The restaurant with fully stocked bar is located centrally on the thatched house, ‘Golghar’. Nepali and Western cuisine is served to you from our experienced kitchen staffs.

Services & Facilities
Rapid and complete inundation of the reserve to depths ranging from 10 to 300 cm occurs during the monsoon. The Sapta-Koshi river also changes its course from one season to another.

The vegetation is mainly tall kharpater grassland with a few patches of khair-sissoo scrub forest and deciduous mixed riverine forest. The reserve offers important habitat for a variety of wildlife. The last surviving population (about 100) of wild buffalo or arna are found here. Other mammals are the hog deer, wild boar, spotted deer, and the blue bull.

The reserve also assists the local economy by providing fishing permits and allowing the collection of edible fruits and ferns in season.

A total of 280 different species of birds have been recorded in the reserve. These include 20 species of ducks, two species of ibises, many storks, egrets, herons and the endangered swamp partridge and Bengal florican. The Koshi Barrage is extremely important as a resting place for migratory birds. Many species recorded here are not seen elsewhere in Nepal. The endangered gharial crocodile and Gangetic dolphin have been recorded in the Koshi River.




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Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve

Suklaphant Wildlife Reserve which stand today as successful testimony of nature conservation in South Asia. This is the first National Park of Nepal established in 1973 to preserve a unique eco system significantly valuable to the whole world. The Park covering the protected area of 932 Sq. Km. is situated in the subtropical inner Terai lowlands of southern central part of Nepal. The Park gained much wider recognition in the world when UNESCO included this area on the list of World Heritage Site in 1984. It should also be emphasized that only a very small part of the national park is used for tourism. The great majority of the land, particularly in the hills, remains unvisited and therefore undisturbed. This is ideal for wildlife, and also preserves an element of mystery for humans; because large areas are still unexplored, our knowledge of what birds and animals the park contains is by no means finalized, and there is always the possibility of making new discoveries.

Area: 305 sq km as a result of extension. Earlier area was 155 sq km.

Established: Gazetted in 1973 as Sukla Phanta Wildlife Reserve. In 1969 it was declared as Royal Hunting Reserve and was a famous hunting area.

Far western Terai in Kanchanpur District in Mahakali zone. The eastern boundary of this reserve is formed by the Chaudhar river by the International boundary pillars in the forest and partly by the Mahakali river.

Physical Features
The riverine flood plain of the reserve comprises hill wash and alluvial deposits. More than 33 percent of the reserve is covered by Sal (Shorea robusta) and other mixed forest. There are extensive grassland called phanta in Nepal. The biggest grassland is called Sukla Phanta. Several other extensive grasslands are separated bt the patches of the forest. A small lake called Rani Talk (Lake) lies on the eastern side of the reserve and it is the most fascinating area for the water birds and migratory birds. There are also several water-logged area known as dhap or swampy ground covered by reed and tall grasses.

English Name Scientific Name
Wild Elephant Elephas maximus
Royal Bengal Tiger Panthera Tigris
Leopard Panthera Pardus
Indian Fox Valpes bengalensis
Jackel Canis aurevs
Wild Boar Sus scrofa
Common Mongoose Herpestes eduivardsi
Porcupine Hystrix indica
Wild Cat Telis Chans
Swamp Deer Cervus duvauclli
Samber Deer Cerus unicolor
Spotted Deer Axix axis
Hog Deer Axix porcinus
Barking Deer Muntiacus mutjac
Blue Bull Boselapus fragocamelus
Hispid Hare Caproiagns hispidus
Black Naped Hare Lepns nigricollis
Marsh Crocodile Crocodyins balustris
Python Python molunus
Fly Squirrel Petaurista petauista
Three Striped Palm Squirrel Tunambulus entielus
Rhesus Monkey Macaca mulatta
Langur Presbytis entielus
Pangolin Manis crassicandata
Common Palm Cive Paradoxurus hermaphroditus
Common Otter Lutra lutra
Rhino Rhinocerous unicornis

The reserve is home to about 45 to 55 Wild Elephant (Elephas maximus) an endangered species, which seems to leave a constant trail of destruction. About 35 Royal Bengal Tigers (Panthera tigris), an endangered species, inhabit the reserve preying on the abundant spotted deer. This is the highest densities of Tiger in the range countries. About 268 species of birds have been recorded in the Reserve. Several species of endangered birds including the Bengal Florican (Eupodotis bengalensis) are found in the Reserve. Many grassland birds can be seen in the phantas.

Birds found in Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve:

English Name Scientific Name
Bengal Florican Eupodotis bengalenis
Common Beafowal Pavo cristatus
Pied Hornbill Anthracolerus malbaricns
Jungle Fowl Gallus gallus
Black Partrige Francolinus francolins

More then 300 species of birds can be seen in the Reserve. Among the reptiles, Marsh Mugger crocodile (Crocodylus palustris), Indian Python (Python molurus), Monitor Lizard (Varanus monitor) and snakes like Cobra (Naja sp), Krait (Bungarus sp) and Rat snake (Ptyas mucosus) are recorded in this reserve. The reserve is home to 21 species of fish including the Mahaseer, Rohu and Tenger.

Places of Interest
The extensive open grassland of the reserve serves for breathtaking views of the herds of Swamp Deer in the world. Casually in the flock, Hog Deer (Axis porcinus) with its squat, hog like appearance and movements appear. Grassland birds are also very fascinating and attractive.

Wetlands such as Rani Tal, Sikari Tal, and other extension area viz., Kalikitch Lake, Lalpani Tal and Tara Tal also provide halting place for waterfowls. Rani Tal about 17 km from Majgaon the park headquarter is a beautiful lake for viewing waterfowl from machan or viewing towers. Near Rani Tal is the ancient Temple of Singphal, devoted to Lord Shiva. During the Dasain festival, Hindus come here to worship Singphal. Salgoudi Tal (Lake) is extremely pretty and has an abundance of birdlife. There is a Machan (View tower) from which egrets, herons, stroks, eagle, and many of the animals can be seen including elephants.

The vegetation makes ideal habitat for swamp deer or Baradingha (Cervus duvauceli). About 2000-2500 Swamp deer inhabit the reserve. Other mammals viz., Spotted deer or Chital (Axis axis), Hog deer (Axis porcinus), Blue Bull or Nilgai (Boselaphus tragocamelus), Wild Boar (Sus scrofa), Tiger (Panthera tigris), Leopard (Panthera pardus), Sloth Bear (Melursus thibetanus) and Wild Elephant (Elephas maximus) have also been reported. The extremely rare Hispid Hare (Caprolagus hispidus) has recorded in Sukla Phanta.

Vegetation and Wild Animals
Predominant sal (Shorea robusta) forest is associated with asna (Terminalia alata), semal (Bombaxceiba), and karma (Adina Cordifolia). Khair, (Acacia catechu) and sissoo (Dolbergia sisso) forest is found along the river side. The main grass species of the phantas are Imperata cylindrica and Saccharum heteropogon which are extensively used by the local people for thatching.

The reserve provides prime habitat form swamp deer (Cervus duvauceli). An estimated population of 2000 to 2500 is found in the reserve. Other wild animals in the reserve are wild elephant Elephas maximus, tiger (Panthera tigris), hispid hare (Caprolagus hispidus), blue bull (Boselaphus tragocamelus), leopard (Panthera pardus), chital (Zxis axis), hog deer (Zxis porcinus), and wild boar (Sus scrofa).

A total 268 species of birds has been recorded in the reserve. Many grassland birds along with the rare Bengal florican be seen in the phantas. Marsh mugger crocodile, Indian python, monitor lizard and snakes like cobra, krait, and rat snake are recorded in the reserve. Wetlands such as Ranital, Sikarital and others in the extension area like Kalikitch Lake, Lalpanital and Taratal, support a healthy population of many kinds of waterfowl, reptiles and other wildlife. Ranital, 18 km. from the reserve HQ., is a beautiful lake for viewing waterfall, with machans (viewing towers).

How to Get There
The reserve is accessible by road as well as by air. The reserve will be easily accessible by road from any parts of Nepal with the completion of the far-wetern sector of East-West Highway. There is once a week flight from Kathmandu to Dhangadhi which is 51 km. far from the park headquarters. There is regular public bus service from Dhangadhi to Mahendranagar taking 3 hours drive and the reserve headquarters is 8 km south-west of Mahendranagar. The reserve can be reached by East-West Highway through Nepalgunj-Dhangadhi-Mahendranagar.

The reserve has typically four seasons, viz., winter, spring, summer and monsoon. The months of December and January are fairly cold and misty with occasional frost. Temperatures during the winter range from 10° to 12° C, gradually rising up to 22° to 25° C in February and March. In the pre-monsoon period (April-June) the temperatures range form 30° to 32° C. reaching as high as 42° C with increasing humidity.




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Norling Guest House

Norling Guest House is a Best Hotel or Guest House in Thamel. It provides Facilities, Rooms Reservation, rafting, Trekking, Rafting. It is Centrally Located in heart of Thamel. Norling Guest House  is a Finest and Cheap  Hotel in Thamel,It is the Best  Price hotels in Nepal, Kathmandu, Thamel. Hotel Norling  prides itself on our warm friendly hospitality. We are a Tibetan Family run hotel founded in 1992. We are proud that for the last 6 years we have made our guest always feel at home with our warm friendly Tibetan and Nepali hospitality. We are always ready to assist you and answer your every inquiry from meditation classes to rafting and trekking adventures. Get a perspective view of the natural beauty of surrounding Kathmandu Valley from our exotic roof top garden. The rooms are tastefully decorated are reasonable prices. Here you will always find the best of Tibetan and Nepali hospitality and we assure you of a peaceful night sleep.

We assure that no matter where you are from you will feel at home in our peaceful rooms. Our staff is efficient and well trained to provide whatever service or assistance you may need, 24 hours a day. Norling Guest House is elegantly decorated in the traditional Tibetan style. Each of our rooms comes with telephone and fan as well as private bathrooms with hot and cold water at all time.It is conveniently located at Thamel, which is the main tourist attraction center of Kathmandu. It is situated approximately 8 km from the Tribhuvan International Airport. The hotel is an ideal destination for travelers who want to experience the hub of Thamel.we assure you that it is best hotel in Thamel.You can remember us for room reservation,hotel reservation,spa,tour,travels etc. We assure you that it is best hotel in Kathmandu,may be it is best in Nepal,Guest house.

Our Facilities
At Norling Guest House, we pride ourselves on the character and competency of our service staff. We understand that while the setting does much to provide a sense of wonder and enjoyment, the level of service is just as important in creating a memorable stay. That is why Norling Guest House offers a wealth of guest services & amenities. For your comfort and enjoyment, we offers the following services.

* Centrally Located in the Heart of the city,Spacious Lobby, Housing.
* Television with Satellite Channels.
* Shopping Area, Travel Agent, Trekking Agents Nearby.
* Communication Centre-Postal, Fax & Long Distance Call.
* Modern, Well Decorated with Original Touch of Tibetan Style.
* Wall to Wall Carpet, Spacious with Super Deluxe Double Rooms.
* Telephone Connections, Fans and Heater in Each Room.
* 24 Hours Running Hot & Cold Water.
* Restaurant Serving Continental, Chinese, Tibetans, Nepali with Indian.
* Special Cuisine.
* Roof Top Garden all Modern Amenities.
* Breath Taking Panoramic Views of city and the Mountains.
* Laundry service (Two Times Daily)..
* Free Luggage Storage Facility While on Trekking.
* Free Safe Deposit and Room Service.
* Free Transport Facility from Airport to Hotel.
* Vehicles on Home.
* Travel arrangement.
* Special Relax Room.
* First aid box and Doctors on Request.
* Spa(Hot Spring)- Japanese style.

Norling rooftop garden gives you the panoramic views of the Himalayas and one can relax for a Sun-bath with a drink or a book. Elegantly decorated restaurant, “Norling Restaurant” serves cuisines of your choice from Continental, Indian, Chinese and Nepalese dishes. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You staple diet of the Nepalese people is “dal bhat” which consists of rice, “dal”, potatoes, yogurt and a spicy sauce that is very delicious and nutritious at the same time. The hot and spicy barbecued meat and fresh steaming “momos” are also a must have. You can try at Norling Restaurant – it is also a good place to try western, Japanese and Tibetan dishes.

Bars: Almost every restaurant and bar serves beer and cocktails. But Norling Gives You the different experience of Bar that is why we have designed our bar according to your wish so you can have different tests on our restaurant.

Bars: Almost every restaurant and bar serves beer and cocktails. But Norling Gives You the different experience of Bar that is why we have designed our bar according to your wish so you can have different tests on our restaurant.

Norling Guest House provides excellent accommodation at a reasonable price. It has 30 modern and well equipped rooms bedded clean and cozy rooms with attached bath, 24 hours hot & cold water, cable television, and room service for a comfortable and cozy stay.

It also has a rooftop garden from where you can have a good view of the Kathmandu valley and also the panoramic views of the majestic Himalayan ranges around the valley.

Deluxe: All deluxe rooms are air-conditioning with attached bath , wall to
wall carpet, telephone,color television, extra carpet, well furnished
furniture and balcony with north view of beautiful Kathmandu Valley.

Standard: All standard rooms are with attached bath , wall to wall carpet,
telephone,color television, extra carpet, well furnished furniture and
balcony with north view of beautiful Kathmandu Valley.




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Shiva Guest House

Shiva Guest House – pleasant located in the heart of the Durbar Square –is your address in Bhaktapur. Standing next to the Yaksheshwor Temple- the city oldest edifice dating back to 1472 AD, the guesthouse is where you can do here what many of our esteemed guests including scholars, students and even a film crew of Bertulocci from Hollywood have done in the past. We are always beside you to help materialize your cherished dreams in Bhaktapur and beyond with a team of professionals around, you will surely feel that you have made a right decision choosing us.

Shiva guest House, as our well-wishers say, is suited to all types of travelers. For your personal comfort, We offer 15 well-appointed rooms, many often overlooking the palatial square in its gracious elegance. For the gourmets and gourmands, we have the Cafe Corner; which serve a wide variety of cuisine to suite both you pallet and wallet. the culinary delights here range from Newari and Nepali dal bhat to Chinese and continental delicacies. And when comes the question of the quality of our culinary offerings, We never forget: Hygine is our top Priority. Adding to the mesmerizing ambience, we also have a rooftop garden from which you can savor the splendor of nature’s graciousness all around. With a panorama of the green Mahabharat range on the south, the bliss you feel at Shiva Guest House is something different.

For the personal comfort of our valued patrons we also have a travel desk of our own, which makes your travel easier and ‘travel-like’ both within and beyond Nepal. Whether you are for going off the beaten track, or encountering wild beasts and beards in their natural habitat, or flying along the snow-capped Himalayas, we are always there to help you. In addition, we also take you around places like Tibet, Ladakh, Sikkim, Darjeeling and Bhutan. Wherever you choose to go, we always remain beside you to make your trip memorable. You just make plans and let us know about them, and we will do the rest to give you the best.

Service & Facilities

* 15 well-furnished cozy rooms including a suite
* A tastefully decorated restaurant serving varieties of cuisine
* Laundry and postal services
* Luggage storage
* Safe deposits
* Doctor on call
* Local ,STD and ISD phone facilities
* Travel Desk
* Internet and e-mail service
* 24 hour hot & clod water
* Cultural show on request





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Hotel Horizon

Hotel Horizon, trucked away in a quiet and peaceful enclave on the north western fringes of Thamel – Kathmandu’s popular tourist district – is proud to have kept up that age-old Nepalese tradition of extending warmth and hospitality to its guests for over 15 years.

While you are in Kathmandu, the Hotel Horizon is a home away from home. Warm and friendly service, well appointed and comfortable guest rooms, excellent wining and dining, with an enchanting garden, and panoramic views from the rooftop. The location is within easy reach of Kathmandu’s major tourist attractions, magnificent temples and business quarters, making it one of the best addresses in town.

Keeping the comfort of our guests in mind, we at the Hotel Horizon have always believed in improving our facilities. The hotel has been progressively redesigned and refurbished. In keeping with this, a whole new wing has been recently added bringing the total number of rooms of 18. Our prices remain as competitive as ever.

So whether you are on holiday seeking to enjoy the sights and sounds of Nepal, on business and looking for somewhere from which to conduct your affairs, or an adventurer seeking the fun and challenge of trekking in the Himalayas, the Hotel Horizon with its long standing reputation for providing quality at affordable prices makes is your ideal home base in Kathmandu.

Kathmandu, a name that strongly evokes a rich cultural past, a treasure trove of magnificent temples, resplendent art and architecture, historical and cultural landmarks, and a tradition that has been carefully preserved to this day. Come and stay with us and experience the richest of Nepal.

Service & Facilities

Keeping the comfort of our guests in mind, we at the Hotel Horizon have always believed in improving our facilities. The hotel has been progressively redesigned and refurbished. In keeping with this, a whole new wing has been recently added Hotel Horizon, Thamelbringing the total number of rooms of 18. Our prices remain as competitive as ever.

So whether you are on holiday seeking to enjoy the sights and sounds of Nepal, on business and looking for somewhere from which to conduct your affairs, or an adventurer seeking the fun and challenge of trekking in the Himalayas, the Hotel Horizon with its long standing reputation for providing quality at affordable prices makes is your ideal home base in Kathmandu.

* Restaurant
* Telex and fax service
* Major credit cards accepted
* Room to room telephone service
* All travel related services
* Free safe deposit boxes
* Free luggage service
* Fully furnished rooms with wall to wall carpeting
* We can arrange trekking, rafting and jungle safari
* Postal Service
* Western trained doctor on call
* Free airport transfer
* Special discount for UN/diplomats/airline staff/travel agents
* International and domestic telephone service in every room
* Laundry service
* The hotel provides internet access for email, internet telephony and the web
* Parking facilities




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Potala Guest House

Nestled in the heart of Thamel, Kathmandu’s tourist hot-spot, The Potala Guest House captures what Nepal stands for-it’s heartfelt hospitality, warmth and rich culture. Over a period of almost two decades, we have played host to countless guests from all over the world while ensuring that they do not miss out on the genuine ‘Nepal’ experience.

We offer to our guests a rare blend of traditional Tibetan-Nepali hospitality and modern amenities. Potala Guest House looks forward to the opportunity of making your stay with us a comfortable and memorable one.

Location Attractions
The Potala Guest House is ideally located at Thamel- often referred to as the ‘Transit-lounge’. Offering a wide variety of restaurants, hotels, pubs and night-spots, it is the perfect place to adapt to Nepal. We are situated close to some of the interesting tourist attractions in the city. Below is a list to help you get around while in Kathmandu.

Service & Facilities

Relax in our fully carpeted twin bedded rooms, each with unsuited bathroom. Or experience the luxury of our deluxe suites with comfortable lounge, spacious bedroom with en-suite bathroom.

Our wide range in type of rooms offered is the primary reason our guests choose to stay with us. With our rooms ranging from single budget to triple suites we’re sure you will find one that is suitable to your needs. The facilities offered by Potala Guest House is available to our guests no matter what type of room they choose to stay in. You can view the type of room you would like to stay in and make a reservation right now!

Macro Restaurant offers Nepali and Indian Cuisines blended in masalas to mouth-watering perfection. While the favourites include it’s signature steak sizzelers it aims to offers excellent quality and in all the cusines it offers. An early breakfast on the balcony overlooking the husttleing and bustelling of thamel below can be quite relaxing before you begin your tour of the city. Or a relaxing dinner overlooking the streets of Thamel can be equally satisfying as you unwind and absorb the groove of Thamel.

To ensure that our guests are comfortable we have been continuously striving towards fulfilling our guests ever changing needs. Over the last 15 years we have expanded the list of facilities offered to our guests. Whether your purpose of visit is pleasure or business you will need to relax and so we have attempted to provide that very environment to make you relax. Below is the list of services available to our guests.

* Laundry Service (24 hrs turnaround)
* Macro Restaurant (with free room service)
* Luggage storage
* Safety Deposit box
* International telephone, fax, e-mail and internet service
* Rock garden with water fall
* Terrace garden
* Roof top garden – with service
* Foreign currency exchange
* Trekking and tours services
* Knowledgably and friendly staff.
* Doctor on Call
* Major Credit Cards accepted
* Thai Foot massage and full body massage.
* Free transportation from airport to hotel.
* Other services available upon request.




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